Emmanuel Bach


I started to learn Bass when I was 11. I would show a lot of tunes to the bass teacher, and he said, everything you want to learn is the guitar parts. After he said that, I realized that I should switch to guitar.

At first, I was learning some songs, nothing serious to have fun with my friends, that changed after we started a rock band during high school, and I started taking music much more seriously. I started playing gigs with this rock band when I was 14 and never stopped. About four years later, I began to play in nightclubs and wedding bands all sorts of music and started to get into jazz.

That passion for jazz and bossa nova took me to pursue new paths. I moved to the United States for a few years, where I studied at the Musicians Institue and Berklee College of music and had the opportunity to learn with outstanding musicians such as Scott Henderson, Mick Goodrick, David Gilmore, and Mike Moreno. 

As a side mand, I had the opportunity to perform with many Brazilian artists such as Ivan Lins, Airto Moreira and Flora Purim, Filó Machado, and Kiko Loureiro during my career. Besides, I had a very prolific work as a recording musician and producer, and arranger.

Teaching was always a fundamental part of my career as a musician. I always taught guitar, but I also teach jazz harmony, arranging, improvisation, and ensemble in various styles. I believe that every student can benefit from having a broad view of the whole spectrum of abilities involved in music. As a music instructor, my role is to work with my students to find their interests and goals and provide them with the correct information and guidance to achieve their full potential.

One of the best things you can experience as a musician is to help others to grow musically through teaching. I am very passionate about music and always willing to share as much information as possible and give the best assistance to students independently of their level of experience.

See you at the Island.


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