Karla García Silva
Classical guitar, fingerstyle, ukulele, bass guitar, piano.

Imagine this… I was 19 years old, learned to play the guitar all by myself, and “Stairway to Heaven” was my ultimate achievement. “Pretty advanced” you’re thinking, I know. And with that skill level I made up my mind to apply to the Conservatory (of Universidad Austral). I was bold and hilarious. Especially when you know that all the other applicants were 14 to 15 years old with almost a decade of music education behind them. Everyone thought, and said out loud, that I am a lost cause… BUT, I dedicated 2 months to constant practice and learning of classical guitar skills.

To the surprise of everyone, me included, I got in. A few years later, the famous guitar player José Antonio Escobar, selected me to study under him at the Conservatory of the Universidad Mayor in Santiago. Another surprise considering how late and unskilled I started. 

Because José has a full concert calendar I was barely getting any mentoring from him. So I decided to apply to the prestigious Faculty of Arts at the Universidad de Chile. You have a better chance winning the lottery than getting in there. But again, with tons of obsessive practice, I got in. Practice compensates for many things as you can see :) 

My teaching journey started when I became an assistant at the Universidad de Chile, followed by teaching at the Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación. That’s a mouthful, I know. 

I’ve also given master classes at one of the largest guitar festivals in South America, “Festival Entrecuerdas”. And, if I may humblebrag, I was given the “Best Performer” award at the Cesar Cortinas Guitar Contest in 2010.

Then I made another bold decision and moved to Canada, Toronto. Here I teach both online, to older students, and at 2 local music schools where I teach kids guitar, ukulele and drums. 

As you can see, dedication and practice, along with a passion for music were the keys for my success against odds. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way and gained plenty of experience. Now I would love to transfer those hard earned lessons to you. 








"It has been a year since I started taking lessons from Karla and I have made tremendous progress. I went from not knowing anything about the guitar to learning and understanding theory, technique and how to read and play music well.

Karla creates a lesson plan for each session and focuses on improving a particular skill every time. She preaches good technique as that is the basis to be a good player. She will teach you at your own pace to ensure you are grasping the material well. She will adjust based on how you're progressing and will give you the tools to get better.

She is very reliable, patient, and very knowledgeable. She can help you play any song you want by teaching you the proper chords. Her online classes are just as productive as if it were in person. You will not miss a beat!

Overall, you cannot find a better teacher than Karla. She will teach you everything she knows. You will notice the difference in no time and will become a more confident guitar player. I'm looking forward to continue learning and becoming a great classical guitar player. 
-Marc Duvert

 "I've been taking guitar lessons with Karla for a few months now and she is a phenomenal teacher! Karla's extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of the guitar; from theory to chords to fingerpicking and everything in-between. As well as being a very patient teacher, Karla keeps all lessons fun by consistently changing the materials, keeping the student engaged and wanting to continue to learn. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn or become better at playing guitar!"

- Eric del Favero

"Karla is a great guitar instructor. We talked about my goals and my skill level to develop a plan. She looked at my technique and gave me some etudes to work on. Karla has given great advice on tools that will help with timing, something I have been working on. She does not rush the lesson and gives good direction. My lessons are recorded, enabling me to review the topics, issues and demonstrations she presented during the lesson. To top it off, she is flexible with schedule changes.
I highly recommend Karla. I have been teaching myself for years and she's helped me overcome my challenges and achieve my goals in a short period to include pieces that I am working on".
AJ Johnson

"I've been studying classical guitar with Karla for two months now. It has been a great experience, she is very patient and fun! She puts a great effort into understanding my goals and helps me work towards them in a fun yet very technical way, from the position of my fingers on the strings to the way I'm sitting on the other side of the screen. I would totally recommend her for learning a new instrument or improve your current level!"
- Sebastián Acevedo

"Excellent learning experience in the study of classical guitar. Karla García is a professional guitarist and it shows in her classes. She has the knowledge more than necessary to learn this beautiful instrument. In these months, I have learned from reading sheet music to performing studio pieces. I am very happy with the progress I have made and all this, thank to the support of Karla. She highlighted his teaching methodology, very clear and orderly. The seriousness in her work, responsibility and warmth to support her students characterizes her. More than recommended. I feel that I study with an excellent teacher.".
- Diego Quiroz Thompson, Arica-Chile.

"I tried learning guitar taking different classes but they were not helpful at all, until I found Karla. She is truly fantastic and pays so much attention to the details. Her method is highly systematic but it is a lot of fun to follow. Karla is an extremely patient instructor and adapts the level and speed of her teaching based on her student's progress. I would strongly recommend her as she is simply the best!".
- Kay


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