Jeimmi Carrasco

My name is Jeimmi Carrasco and I am a musician and teacher from Concepcioón which is a city located in the south of Chile and since 2014, I am based in Toronto, Canada.

My musical journey started when I was just eight years old and the instrument I chose to learn was the violin. To be honest at that time, I was not even sure about playing violin or not, but as the time went by, I just kept playing and little by little I became better and better at it.

After a few years of playing, I began my orchestral career at the National Youth Orchestra of Chile and worked as an assistant concertmaster and then myself I was the concertmaster as well for two years. Since then, I went on to play in many orchestras across Chile such as the Orquesta Filarmónica de Chile, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile and the Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia. From 2013 to 2016, I was the principal second violin position at the Orchestra of the University of Concepción in addition to being the youngest member of the orchestra.

In 2014, I had the skills necessary to join the prestigious Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival Orchestra in Germany, where I also had the opportunity to work with artists such as Christoph Eschenbach, Daniel Müller, and Michael Sanderling, among many others.

From 2017 I am being sponsored by the Ibañez Atkinson Foundation which is an organization that supports Chilean musicians who have developed a successful career in Europe and North America.


That is a little bit of my story about my beginnings as a musician :)
I also love teaching music, to different levels of playing, so I can teach beginners, intermediates and advanced level !!
I really love sharing my passion towards music with people of different ages and levels and helping them to improve their playing and their musicality..This is why I joined Island of Music School because here we can learn together and in this way I can guide you reaching out you very own Island of Music.



Do you want to check out our amazing and talented violin teacher Jeimmi Carrasco?

Here she is performing the 3rd movement of Gabriel Fauré's Violin Sonata,

Enjoy 😊 



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