Electric Guitar


 Àlvaro Soms
  Electric guitar 

Hi there,
My name is ÁIvaro and I am chilean electric guitar player who was born in Santiago, in 1971.
I guess I was always interested in music, as before I turned 2 years old I used to sing with my aunt while she played the guitar. 
Then one day everything changed because my parents gave me an electric guitar for Christmas. By then I was fan of Scorpions, AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Jimi Hendrix and Ten Years After. Guitar was my life and I dreamed for quite a while “to be discovered” and be the next OZZY´s guitarist :D
When I graduated from school, I talked to my parents over the possibility of studying at GIT or Berklee College of Music. I recorded a cassette, filled in the forms to apply and finally was accepted at Berklee, with no scholarship. Unfortunately my family was not in a position to afford university and maintenance expenses for such a long time in another country.
Now I am guitarist of the chilean band Dorso. I have recorded more than 12 albums, and have played in front of thousands of people, with some of my favourite bands: Voivod, Anthrax, Mercyful Fate, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Bruce Dickinson, Exciter, Nuclear Assault, etc. I have worked as session musician and have also recorded for movies and television. With Dorso we have played almost all over the country. I have also given guitar clinics in different places in Chile. In the end, I feel that I have -at least partially- fulfilled my kid´s dream.
My passion for music and guitar have been kept intact through the years. I now take jazz classes with professor Jorge Díaz (master of his art) and still play and record with Dorso and the experimental rock band Alhazred. 
In summary, I have no plans to stop making progress. I wish to share my experience and help, as much as posible, other people who have the same interest: be better everyday in music and that is why I love to teach passionate students and I have all the tools needed to guide you to become a guitar player. My experience hast taught me that you never have to quit your dreams so I will help you to not quit to yours :)



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Jazz Guitar

      Bruno Riveros
   Jazz Guitar

Hi there !

My name is Bruno Riveros, and I am a jazz guitarist with a professional degree in Guitar Performance.

At the age of 12 I was given my first acoustic guitar, but before that I already played the recorder and sang; The music that I played in general was Latin American with its beautiful rhythms and melodies, then the ear was widening and it was changing to rock and blues, then fusion to jazz; I took some private classical guitar lessons and later a bit of harmony and modern theory with local musicians from my city; After finishing school I had the opportunity to go to Nancy-France to study music. In there I studied classical guitar and jazz guitar. Later I went to Santiago de Chile to study guitar and jazz harmony. At that moment I had to make the decision to drop out of pedagogy studies to study guitar full time.

Later I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to audition for Berklee College of Music and for my surprise I won a scholarship, but unfortunately I couldn't do it due to lack of money; During all this time I have taken more lessons with prominent and renowned Jazz Musicians and Guitarists in Argentina, USA, France, Chile, etc. I have recorded my first album called ATMA, I have been playing and composing in a Professional way for about 25 or years, participating with different and varied groups and musical formations, and I have given private classes from the age of 14 to different people of different ages, I have also taught at the Conservatory of Music of the Catholic University of Valparaiso , at the Aconcagua University of Viña del Mar, at the Santo Tomás de Santiago University and at the Valparaíso University;

As a Jazz Musician and Professional Guitarist I am constantly perfecting my instrument …my life is Music and it is the thing that best I can do ... I give myself completely to it and I do it with a lot of love and with all my heart and that is why I love teaching and guiding people who are as passionate about music and guitar as myself, so if you are interested in having lessons with me book your session with me now and I will help you to reach your musical goals. 

  • Bruno teaches guitar just in Spanish



Do you want to check out our amazing and talented jazz guitar teacher Bruno Riveros?
Here he is performing some jazz music with his Trio Enjoy 😊 



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