MUSIC COMPOSITION Single 60min Lesson

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These music composition & arranging lessons are truly for anyone, regardless of your level, the music style, or anything else.

That is the benefit of working with a highly trained and music composer and arranger such as Keith.

Here's what he has in store for your sessions:

✔ Keith encourages you to have your own band and to write for it, and that is why the composition and arranging lessons are aimed at producing a portfolio of musical works to be performed by whatever type of ensemble you have available. Such a portfolio could one day end up becoming a recital, a recording, or could lead you to advanced music studies at a university or conservatory.      

✔ The first sessions of the composition and arranging lessons are aimed at learning how to produce melodies accompanied by chords in the format of a jazz standard lead sheet or fake book. The goal is to understand the foundations of melody, harmony, rhythm, form and structure through music theory lectures, through listening to relevant examples and through written exercises. 

✔ Once you are able to produce a lead sheet, we work on how to orchestrate a melody for a band. We progressively go from one melodic instrument with rhythm section up to five melodic instruments with rhythm section. The relevant contents at this point are instrumentation, transposition, counterpoint, voicing and advanced harmonic concepts such as chord substitutions, modal exchange and upper structure triads.

✔ After being able to manage 5 melodic instruments with rhythm section, you may opt to write for any or all of the following formats: big band, chamber orchestra, vocal ensemble and vocalist with accompanying band. You may also make a piece for small ensemble where all the parts are fully written out, such as a violin and piano duet or a saxophone quartet for example. At this point, content lectures may appear as needed, but we will mostly work on the compositions and arrangements that you want to focus on 🎶🎶


Now on a more fun note, Keith is a fun and lively teacher, and if you've liked him in the free assessment, you can be sure you'll have fun with him in "class" :) 


🎵 The lessons are happening online via Zoom.

Once you book your lesson you will receive an e-mail with your Zoom link.