UKULELE 1 Month Plan - 4x 60min Lessons (one lesson per week)

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These ukulele lessons are truly for anyone, regardless of your level, the technique you want to play, the music style, or anything else.

That is the benefit of working with highly trained and accomplished ukulele players such as Karla and Donald. (You can choose who you want to have your lessons with in the booking section, a dropdown option)

Here's what we have in store for your sessions:

 You get a custom lesson plan that they create for you based on where you are and where you want to take your skills and knowledge.

You'll have a recording of each session so that you can go over the feedback you got and use it in your practice.

You get a personalized practice plan, based on what they noticed that you need to work on.

 Karla or Donald are at your disposal for any additional feedback in between sessions, so that you don’t get stuck making the same mistake in practice.

You will be playing most of the time, and they will only jump in to instruct you. This way your skills get their full attention so that they can pick up on even the smallest details that you need to work on.

Now on a more fun note, Karla and Donald are fun and lively teacher, and if you've liked Donald or Karla in the free assessment, you can be sure you'll have fun with them in "class" :)


🎵 The lessons are happening online via Zoom.

Once you book your 1st one you will receive an e-mail with your Zoom link.

At that first lesson, we will set a date for all the following ones.