1 Month Plan 4x45 min Online Music Lesson Gift Card

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Gift music lessons to your loved ones this Christmas and ignite their passion for music.

How it works:

  1. You buy the gift card (for a 1 Month Plan -4x45 min LESSON)
    *if you want multiple lessons we have other gift cards on this page
  2. After the checkout page you'll both be taken to a webpage that will provide you with the CODE your recipient can use to redeem their lesson, and an email with this information. 
    you can also print this gift card so you can have a physical gift to give :)
  3. Your recipient comes to our website > goes to their desired instrument and teacher page > chooses a 1 Month Plan -4x45 min LESSON > enters the code on the checkout page so they don't pay for the lesson.


🏝The following is the list of instruments we teach (with links so you can check out the lessons):


Electric Guitar

✔ Saxophone




Bass Guitar



✔ Music composition