PIANO 1 month plan - 4 x 60 min lessons (one lesson per week)

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These lessons include everything that is included in the Individual lessons.

They are truly for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the piano, songs, sight-reading, etc. I teach to beginners of all ages :).

Unlike in group lessons, here you will have my full attention and you’ll be playing most of the time (instead of me using up the whole lesson to “instruct” you). My task is to provide you with clear, direct, and insightful feedback on even the smallest details. And THAT is what accelerates your learning.

I also prepare the lessons beforehand (you wouldn’t believe how much preparation is actually needed), as well as a personalized practice plan for you to go over in between sessions. At that time I am also at your disposal for any additional feedback, so that you don’t get stuck making the same mistake in practice. Oh, and you will have a RECORDING of each lesson so that you can go over the feedback you got.

As you can see, I aim to provide you with a quality and enjoyable experience that makes learning music the pleasure you want it to be. I’ve had my fair share of bad and good mentors, so I have a good reference for what not to do 😊


The lessons are happening online via Zoom. Once you book your 1st one you will receive an e-mail with your Zoom link. At that first lesson, we will set a date for all the following ones.